Prat track

Prat track – psychology, Sociology, Criminology – Expanded

Goals of the track:

The Prat track is designed to enable students to understand and explore the functioning of the individual in an insightful way while integrating both relevant and similar scientific studies. The track also provides the students with a very wide range of social science courses in the fields of; psychology, Sociology, Criminology.


Requirements for acceptance:

55% of applicants are accepted, you can assess the chances of your acceptance here, "Evaluation chances of acceptance" as well as on the Bar Ilan website.

The course curriculum:

The curriculum includes studies in psychology (personality, psychopathology), criminology (theories in criminology, penal theory), sociology (organizational behavior, anthropology, Israeli society) in addition to courses in research methods and data processing. The track also features a wide range of elective courses as well as seminars involving research on various issues.

Employment opportunity:

In the job market, graduates of the program have an advantage over other graduates in more specific fields of the Social Sciences due to the multi-disciplined, wide ranging knowledge base provided by framework of this program. Graduates of the program have an extensive variety of possibilities to continue on to more advanced graduate degrees. Past experience has shown that the programs graduates have successfully merged into master’s degrees in organizational sociology, organizational behavior, business administration, journalism, communications, and political science. In some cases, graduates are accepted to continue a psychology degree in other universities.