Research Fields

Name Research interests
Prof. Ehud Bodner

1. Ageism, and aging and dying perceptions, in middle age and old age

2. Psychology of music: social aspects, emotion recognition and regulation

3. Psychopathology (a cognitive and a positive perspective)






Dr. Ephraim Grossman

1. The difference in subjective and objective measures during sleep
2. The effect of passive body heating during sleep
3. Emotions and skillsets (in collaboration with Dr. Hoffman)

Dr. Yaakov Hoffman

Central field of interests

Memory & Cognitive processing of contextual/background stimuli

Unitization and contextual locking


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Factors that can mitigate the effect of exposure on PTSD symptoms

Subjective time perceptions (subjective age/distance to death) and PTSD

Future and past resources and PTSD

ISIS terror, Anxiety complex PTSD – includes Yazidi female captive project




Dr. Ela Koren

The relationship between normal functioning and handicap people

Dr. Haim Lavie

How the contact between Jews and Arabs in different situations affect the positions of both parties (in collaboration with Dr. Mollov)

Dr. Orly C. Meron


  1. Economic Sociology of migrants, minorities and ethnic groups.
  2. Gender, work and ethnicity.
  3. Entrepreneurship and Business History of Minorities, migrants and ethnic groups.
  4. Demography: Population analysis.
  5. Demographic and economic history of the Jews during the Middle Ages and Modern Era



Dr. Benjamin Molov

How the contact between Jews and Arabs in different situations affect the positions of both parties (in collaboration with Dr. Levie)

Dr. Sagit Shilo Levin

1. The difference between the younger and older generation in regards to the home-work conflict

2. The effect of the pattern of income in regards to couples

Prof. Amit Shrira

Subjects: Aging, trauma and mental health

List of specific research topics:

  1. Subjective perceptions (subjective age, distance to death) and adaptation in adults and elderly people
  2. Cumulative trauma and its effects on perceptions of aging and facing old age
  3. Holocaust survivors coping with the challenges of aging
  4. Transmission of trauma across generations
  5. Cognitive and emotional complexity and adaptation of adults and elderly people
  6. Meaning in life and subjective well-being as regulators of coping with stress
Prof. Benjamin Sradni

Regulation of the immune system with compounds containing tellurium

Dr. Dvora Sradni

The Involvement of various growth factors in various diseases

Dr. Ruth Wolf

1. Moral Judgment and moral development – I am interested in enhancing  children's moral development and the prevention of corruption among employees of large corporations.

2. Mediation – increasing the search for peaceful resolutions of conflicts.

3. Business ethics – The implementation of ethical programs within corporations and large organizations.

4. Bibliotherapy – treatment using literature and creativity as a mean for children's cognitive and personal growth.

5. Management – Proper management in companies and organizations.